Professional Services

Operational Security Services

AISG's operational security services target an organization's operational network, networked systems, processes, staff, and interfaces such as Internet presence and business relationships.

  • Penetration Testing / Red Teaming
    Variable scope, realistic attack methods, surgical approach.
  • Security Assessment
    Comprehinsive scope, identifies low-hanging fruit and known vulnerabiltiies, broad-based approach.
  • Compliance Audit
    Scope defined by regulation or specification, identifies level of compliance.

Product Security Services

AISG's product security services target an organization's product or service.

  • Security Assessment
    Identifies weaknesses and vulnerability in your product from an external perspective.
  • Source Code Review
    Identifies weaknesses and vulnerability in your prodcut via fine-grained review of its source code.
  • Third-party Component Assessment
    Security assessment of third-party technologies used or planned for use in your product such as software libraries, APIs, and hardware components.

Legal Services

  • Expert Witness
    AISG consultants are regarded by industry as experts in the field of information security as well as various specialized subject-matter areas. AISG provides law firms, law enforcement agencies, and government agencies with comprehensive, clear, and objective testimony and formal opinion regarding specific technology or events.